Cloth Diapers

Soap nuts are especially effective for washing cloth diapers. They eliminate all lingering smells and will strip the diaper of detergent build-up, increasing the diapers absorbency. Commercial detergents and soaps contain chemicals that build up in the diaper. These chemicals break down the fibers of the material and produce “wicking” causing diapers to lose absorbency. Such chemical residue can be irritating to your baby’s skin. You will wish you had been using them all along! To remove really tough stains in diapers use Buncha Farmers stain stick (available on our site). It is all natural and will rival any other stain remover on the market.


Directions for washing cloth diapers with Soap Nuts:

1. Remove all solid matter into toilet.

2. Do a prewash in the cold cycle. Most machines will have a prewash option. If you prefer additional whitening add borax , washing soda or green oxygen bleach powder.

4. Then run a normal hot wash with your bag of soap nuts.

5. Dry diapers as usual.