Method of Use for Laundry

  • Place soap nuts into the supplied washer bag (5 whole or 10 halves).
  • If using warm water just throw the cloth bag containing the soap nuts into your washing machine.
  • For cold water wash, place bag with soap nuts in a small cup of hot tap water for 1-2 minutes to activate; then add the water and bag to the washer.
  • Wash your clothes as normal. To optimize results use the presoak option on your washer. You can leave the soap nuts in the machine through the rinse or skip the rinse cycle all together and save on water.
  • Expect 5-7 wash loads using the same soap nuts with a top loading machine and 7-9 wash loads with a HE front loader.
  • The best way to tell if your soap nuts are still good is to place them in a jar with a few ounces of warm water and shake them up; if there are still suds they are still good.

Your clothes will come out smelling amazingly fresh like you hung them outside on a clear spring day.