~I just did my first load of laundry with my soap nuts; tried them on my cloth diapers and I love them!:)

~I love Eco Suds! I can’t believe how well these nuts clean clothes & smell so fresh! You won’t believe, until you try it! I am now switching my laundry soap. Great product!!!

~Besides being clean, my clothes are so incredibly soft. I can tell when I haven’t used soapnuts. I like that I’m not using harmful chemicals, big plastic container after container of detergent and all the waste involved in the production and shipping.. I’ve turned lots of friends and family onto soapnuts. We’re all very happy with the product.

~Soap Nuts are the greatest way to do laundry!! Clothes smell so clean & I don’t even have to use a dryer sheet. Will never go back to store bought detergents!!

~These are fabulous! Everything came out clean, no measuring and easy to use. Will buy again and again.

~Love this product. Unique and cleans very well. My clothes are clean and feel great.

~Love these so much better than making my own detergent, so much easier

~I love the fact that soap nuts do not pollute, they do not destroy your septic system and they save you money. All of these just add plus value to a product that really does work.

~I read a lot about them and thought I would give them a try. I had been buying eco-friendly laundry detergents for a long time and I was rather sick of paying through the nose for them and only lasting for a short period. I have to say that I would be hard-pressed now to use a store bought detergent ever again. These are wonderful things! They last forever. They get the stink out which is wonderful and they just leave a clean smell behind. No need for other things like fabric softeners to be added. My husband is very sensitive to all sorts of things and he’s not had any kind of rash develop from using these. The best thing is is that these last for a long time and they are super portable! Love the fact that you can make your own soap with them as well. The 1 kilo bag lasted a full 6 months of heavy washing. Considering I would buy a bottle of detergent every 3-5 weeks at $16 a pop, I think that they saved me lots of cash over these past 6 months. I highly recommend these to everyone!

~These will be my detergent from now on!  It’s amazing!  I used to have to go through 3 heavy full wash cycles to get the lingering smell out of our diapers and sometimes our clothes.   With the soap nuts, I do one cycle and the smell is completely gone.  I don’t how they work but they’re amazing and fit so well into our extremely natural lifestyle.

~I just used the soapnuts for the first time since receiving them. I washed an old blanket that my dog lays on (paws prints and all) and the blanket came out clean.  Then I washed a load of colors and they came out clean and soft to the touch.

~Yes, they clean diapers. I took my diapers out of the dryer and cautiously sniffed them fully expecting to detect a urine or poo odor. Nothing. There was no scent, just nothing. Nothing to me means that they worked!!! I remember after my first load of diapers were dry and clean I was pretty darn amazed. I have used them many times now and am still impressed with the way they clean. They leave no residue which is awesome, you won’t have to strip as often, if ever. I don’t think you can find a “greener” way to wash your clothes or diapers…

~I love these Soap Nuts! I feel good knowing that I’m not using a detergent that is leaving chemical residue on my family’s cloths.

~I’ve been using my Soap Nuts for about a week now – so impressed! I have a front loader which is great anyway and these just make it even more efficient being able to cut out the rinse cycles. Clothes are coming out just as clean as when I was using Earthwise detergent and it will work out much cheaper in the long run. I try to use all natural products for everything I put on my skin (eczema) and my new twin babies have never had chemicals on their skin either & it’s always rash-free. I fully recommend this to anyone wanting an eco option that works really well!

~I am delighted with Soapnuts – good for the environment and good for clothes. They have made my white towels whiter and softer than any other eco friendly product I have used to date. It seems to be culmulative too – I am sure that they are softer and whiter than they were the first couple of washes. My husband noticed that too. It feels sooo good to use something that is not only good for the environment, but does such a great job on clothes too!
Thank you for making these available.

~I love soap nuts! They clean brilliantly and are great for our front loader, which doesn’t need many suds. I love that they are totally natural and no processing or packaging so great for the planet too. I just wish I’d got onto them sooner. Thanks!

~I love using soap nuts and glad it is so easy to get them. I love using chemical free products!

~Very happy with product, both of us have eczema, & using soap nuts is most definitely the way to go!

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