Tips and Tricks

Water Temperature

Soap nuts need to be activated by warm or hot water. If you would like to use cold water, just soak in hot tap water for a few minutes throw the water and the bag of soap nuts into the wash. Alternatively , A soap nut concentrate can also be made See soap nut liquid recipe and uses.

Hard Water?

Use the same process for cold water washing if you have hard water. In cases of very hard water, the addition of one of the following can remedy:  Sodium carbonate (washing soda), borax or vinegar.

Pre-treating stains

Soap nuts will remove average stains as well as most detergents, but they do not entirely replace the need for some solvent-type stain remover – particularly on heavy grease stains. If you have badly soiled and stained laundry, reduce the size of the load to increase the water to laundry ratio, allowing more water flow through the fabrics .Using the pre soak function on your laundry machine will greatly help as well. Use a pre-treatment for stains-like Buncha Farmers stain stick (available on our site).  A pre-treating stain removing spray can be made out of making a soap nut concentrate as well. See Soap nut liquid recipe and uses.

For sparkling whites

As Soap nuts are free from chemical whiteners and bleaches you may find yourself looking for something to reinvigorate that sparkling white appearance. To do this you can add 50ml of lemon juice or 1 teaspoon of citric acid to your rinse cycle. In addition to your bag of soap nuts add a scoop of oxygen bleach or a half cup of distilled vinegar to brighten fabrics.

For delicate fabrics

Soap nuts work very well for hand-washing or machine washing your most delicate fabrics. They leave no residue, therefore don’t clog natural fabric pores like other detergents; fabrics are protected from colour loss and fibre breakdown due to harsh chemicals. You can either use a gentle wash cycle or hand wash. For hand washing add your bag of Soap nuts to a basin of warm or hot water and allow nuts to soak for a minute or two. Apply the resulting solution to your clothes as you would any detergent. Soap nuts are the best fine fabric detergent available.