Why use EcoSuds Soap Nuts?

Environmentally Friendly

More than ever before, we are seeking alternatives and as we demand safer and more responsible products companies are creating new “Green” cleaners. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are now marketing their products to appear safer and healthier, though their formulation remains to be made up of primarily synthetic chemicals. Since many of these chemicals do not undergo any safety testing we may not know the full effects of them on our health and environment for generations.

EcoSuds Soap Nuts contain no chemical agents that will pollute our waters, no harsh chemicals on your family’s clothes. Click here to see Dangers of Laundry Detergent and Softeners.  and no plastic containers! A 1kg bag replaces upwards of 13- (32)load plastic bottles of detergent.


EcoSuds Soap Nuts are 100% natural and free of synthetic chemicals , making them the ideal choice for babies and those with eczema and sensitive skin.


With a 1kg bag of Soap Nuts washing up to 440 loads , it is one of the most affordable ways to do laundry.

Perfect for HE Front Loading Washers

Since Soap Nuts are low sudsing, they work particularly well in front loading washers. Saponin leaves no residual build-up which is the leading cause of service problems with HE machines.

No need for Fabric Softener

Saponin naturally softens fabrics, so there is no need for added fabric softener.

Clothing Protection

Naturally occurring saponin in EcoSuds Soap Nuts lifts and removes dirt from fabrics cleaning as well as many name brand detergents without all of the harsh chemicals. They leave no residue, therefore don’t clog natural fabric pores like other detergents; fabrics are protected from colour loss and fibre breakdown due to harsh chemicals. Great for fine fabrics such as silk with its soft and gentle cleaning effect.  Without the addition of reflective optical brighteners found in detergents, colours will show their natural brightness wash after wash.

Perfect for Cloth Diapers

Cleans, deodorizes and softens cloth diapers while being gentle on babies bottoms. EcoSuds Soap Nuts do not leave a residue; therefore, your diapers stay fluffy and absorbent with significantly less need to strip. To remove really tough stains in diapers use Buncha Farmers stain stick (available on our site). It is all natural and will rival any other stain remover on the market.

Odour Neutralizer

Working very similar to vinegar, EcoSuds Soap Nuts neutralize odours on clothes especially on organic odours such as sweat and urine. Remarkable at removing the odour of musty towels. Leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean.

Safe for Septic Systems

EcoSuds Soap Nuts are anti-microbial; therefore, they help to break down the grey water in septic systems. There is no need to use the rinse cycle so half the water goes into the system.

Provides Economic Assistance to Families in Nepal

EcoSuds Soap Nuts works with a cooperative supplier in Nepal. At the processing (deseeding, packing) point in Kathmandu, over 50 local Nepalese women are employed, helping them manage basic needs and provide education for their children.

A Truly Versatile Cleaner

EcoSuds Soap Nuts are not just for laundry, but can be used for cleaning basically anything, from floors, counter tops, windows, carpet, dishes, your car and even as a shampoo for you and your pets! Click here to see Soap Nut liquid recipe and uses. 

Bio-Degradable Packaging

Handmade Nepalese Lokta paper harvested from the sustainable & self-regenerating Lokta bush. Completely recyclable and compostable.